7 Selfie Tips We Can All Learn From Kim Kardashian… #2 Is Questionable

Love or loathe her, Kim Kardashian’s not going anywhere. Having risen to fame by starring in that homemade video, she recently graced the cover of fashion bible Vogue with Kanye and this week the startlet announced that she’ll be releasing a new book entitled ‘Selfish’ full of… You guessed it, selfies.

From a quick peek at her instagram, it’s pretty obvious Kim loves a selfie, so here are 7 tips we can all borrow from Mrs. West before we get our hands on the book.

1. Everyone loves a belfie:

(Image: instagram)

Kim got everyone talking (in a good way) when she published this selfie of her post-baby body and showing off her ample behind. The selfie sparked many copycats and the introduction of ‘belfie’ into our vocabularies.

2. It’s ok to crop out your baby (or friend) if you look good:

(Image: instagram)

In Classic Kardashian style, Kim famously cropped baby North out of a selfie claiming, “Her eyes were closed and I was feeling my look.” We’ve all been there Kim!

3. Black and white is always a winner:

(Image: instagram)

If in doubt, get onto the filters instagram are so famous for and switch your selfie to black and white. ‘Cos everyone looks great in monochrome.

4. Bathrooms make an excellent backdrop:

(Image: instagram)

Many of Kim’s selfies are taken in a bathroom, and why not?! If my bathroom was as nice as hers looks I’d spend more time in there too.

5. Pouting is still ok:

(Image: instagram)

As much as girls are mocked for their pouting in pictures, Kim rarely (read: never) posts a smiling selfie. Make like the most famous Kardashian and put away my friends!

6. Closing your eyes is a great way to ensure you look good:

(Image: iinstagram)

Now, we’re not sure if it’s a coincidence (pretty sure Kim doesn’t take any chances with these things) but Kim has her eyes closed in many of her selfies. Not in a, ‘blinked at the wrong time!’ way, but in a loved-up, happy, smiling way. Note taken!

7. If you like a look, rock it as many times as you like:

(Image: iinstagram)

Pretty sure the Kardashians don’t have to recycle outfits yet often Kim is seen rocking her signature crop top and pencil skirt combo. Time to stop worrying about being tagged in pictures wearing the same outfit or lipstick more than once and be proud of a look we love. Thanks Kim!

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