5 Ways To Revamp The Clothes You Already Have In Your Wardrobe

Having one of those “I have nothing to wearrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” moments? Aren’t we all! All the time. Here’s 5 nifty tricks to revamp what you already have hanging in your closet so you can save your pennies for more important things like wine. And more wine.

1. DIY:

(Image: mashable)

You heard us! That dress that’s a bit too long? Chop it. The top that’s a weird shade of green? Dye it. There’s millions of youtube videos out there giving tips on how to DIY your clothes, so give them a whirl for ideas. 

2. Inject some colour:

(Image: lovethispic)

So you might have worn your favourite LBD 500 times, but add a bright clutch or pair of heels and you’ve given it an overhaul that will grant you at least another 5 outings.

3. Swap with your friends:

(Gif: tumblr)

Ok, so not exactly your wardrobe, but we bet your friends all have the same ‘no clothes’ dilemma as you. Maximise on this by holding a swap party and exchange unwanted clothes with your friends.

4. Mix high street and designer:

(Gif: neongaf)

All too often we wear head-to-toe high street and save designer items for best. Mix up the two to add a splash of class to an everyday outfit. 

5. Accessorise:

(Gif: rebloggy)

It’s really surprising how much a necklace/bag/pair of heels can change an outfit you’ve already worn a lot, so give a chunky necklace or oversized clutch a try!

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