5 Ways To Nail The Androgynous Look Without Looking Like A, Um, Boy

The adrogynous look has been around forever, rocked on the red carpet and catwalk alike. But it’s a fine line between hot and not. Here’s 5 tips on how to nail this look without looking like an actual boy (because then you’d definitely have missed the point!): 

1. Red lipstick:

(Image: dailystar)

When Katie Price rocked a killer suit on Naomi Campbell’s Fashion For Relief gala catwalk she opted for a bold red lip to add a splash of femininity to the look, and it works! Do the same to add sass to an otherwise masculine look.

2. Killer heels:

(Image: look)

Kristen Stewart added a pair of beautiful heels to take her look from grunge to gorgeous. Go for a subtle pair to soften your look, but make sure they’re high!

3. Wavy hair:

(Image: mirror)

Make like Cara and go for tousled looks to soften your masculine style. (A cheeky flash of bra helps too!)

4. No shirt:

(Image: mydaily)

Or go all out and go bra-less like these celebs. No way you’re going to look like a boy rocking this look!

5: Keep it tight:

(Image: pinterest)

Make sure your trousers and jacket are fitted. Baggy is not the way to nail this trend!

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