15 Things To Learn From The TV Show Friends [GIFS]

Who can teach us better about friendship and life better than the hit TV Show Friends?

?1. Sometimes its better to sit there and be supportive for your musically untalented friend.

?2. Its always a good time to get jiggy with a friend, no matter the time or place.

?3. The ‘Friend-zone’ can be crossed with great persistence.

?4. Staring at a bra does not make it pop open unless you’re Joey Tribbiani.

?5. Awkward situations can be easily avoided if your drunk.

?6. Everyone has a Janice in their life (that one person you can’t stand to be around).

7. An individual with a personality like Monica’s is usually feared for a great reason.

8. Randomness makes you unique and an irreplaceable friend.

9. Pranks is fun form of entertainment for all ages.

10. Saying “I love you” to your partner while they dance around with a turkey on their head is not ideal.

?11. Run like no one is watching.

12.Denial never helps any situation.

13. When you hear good news get excited.

14. One look at a friend says it all.

15.Friends are should be there for you through the good and the bad.


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[Source: Tumblr]

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