Guy Invents Sandals That’ll Grow 5 Sizes In 5 Years To Help Millions Of Poor Children

Kenton Lee of Because International has discovered an innovative solution for improving human lives simply and sustainably. He has invented The Shoe That Grows – 5 sizes in 5 years to be exact. This smart design is set to change the life of impoverished children around the world. A system of sturdy snaps allow for the size to be increased with ease. The shoe is bound with easy to clean leather and the sole is made of compressed rubber, making them quite resilient in any environment. 

“There are over 300 million children who do not have shoes. And countless more with shoes that do not fit. Sometimes they receive donations of shoes, but these are kids. Their feet grow. And they outgrow donated shoes within a year. Right back where they started.“

“Over 2 billion people suffer from soil-transmitted diseases and parasites. They live in areas that do not have adequate sanitation. They struggle with proper hygiene. They do not have the right clothing, resources, or health coverage. And being sick = struggling. Kids miss school, can’t help their families, suffer with pain. Many of these diseases and parasites get into the body because people don’t have shoes.”

“The Shoe That Grows started when Founder and Executive Director Kenton Lee was living and working in Nairobi, Kenya in 2007. One day while walking to church, he noticed a little girl in a white dress next to him who had shoes that were way to small for her feet. That led to questions about why. And finally an idea: “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a shoe that could adjust and expand – so that kids always had a pair of shoes that fit?””

Support this wonderful cause by sharing his story and buying a pair or two!

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