Supermodel Nicole Trunfio Breastfeeding On The Cover Of Elle Has A Powerful Message

When supermodel Nicole Trunfio shared her Elle cover on Instragram, she didn’t anticipate to be the center of controversy. Trunfio stands oh so elegantly with her first born Zion latched onto her breast with her camel colored Burberry jacket falling off her shoulder.


“There is nothing more powerful and beautiful than motherhood,” she writes. “I’m so proud of this cover and for what it’s stands for. I obviously don’t look like this while I am breastfeeding but this stands for all women out there, whether you breastfeed or not, we gave birth, we are women, we are mothers.”


What I love most about this picture is the fact it wasn’t planned. According to editor-in-chief Justine Cullen, it just happened. “This wasn’t a contrived situation: Zion needed a feed, Nicole gave it to him, and when we saw how beautiful they looked we simply moved her onto the set,” Cullen was quoted. “It was a completely natural moment that resulted in a powerful picture.”

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“It’s so interesting to me that we could have run a swimsuit cover that showed a lot more breast and no-one would have raised an eyebrow, but show a breast performing its natural function and the world goes mental,” Cullen told BuzzFeed Life


Here’s to normalizing breastfeeding. After all, it is our most innate instinct.

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