5 Ways To Keep The Kiddos Busy During A Long Road Trip

There’s nothing worse than have fussy children during a road trip and you’ve only been on the road for an hour. Le sigh. Here are some ideas to create some fun and keep the boredom from bubbling up.

1. DIY this tray


Two Sisters Crafting

Make a fancy tray for your kiddo using this tutorial from Two Sisters Crafting or simply use a cookie sheet to serve as the perfect surface for eating and coloring — bonus: the crayons won’t roll all over the car. It also fits perfectly in the seat back pocket.

2. Scavenger hunt car games


These two games are perfect for the car and will keep your back seat at bay for hours err — at least 20 minutes.

Spot the license plate: When you spot a license plate from different states on your trip, you shade them in on the map on our custom printable created specifically for Tagroom readers. There’s two versions one with the state name abbreviations and one without for the older kid in your car. Keep them busy and keep their geography up to snuff during the summer months. Win! Download our Tagroom printables here. (PDF)

Alphabet city game: Similar to the license plate game, but this time if you spot a city that starts with a letter of the alphabet fill in the city name and state. the first person to get all 26 letters of the alphabet completed, wins! Download our Tagroom printables here. (PDF)

3. Tootsie Pop challenge


Flickr/Eric Danley

Suckers to the rescue. If you’re kiddos are feeling eager and starting to stir gift them some Tootsie Pops and present the challenge: How long can they go without biting their lollipop? This is perfect to get some needed silence in a fun way. Great idea Neat Nest Organizing. 

4. Kid created fun

Going On VacationiStock

Have them pack their own fun car bag filled with their favorite stuffed animal, hand held game, coloring book, pet rock — whatever. After all being the fun fairy at all times is exhausting, right?

5. State line treasures



My best friend’s mom would gift us small prizes for every state line we crossed during our 17+ hour car rid to Sanibel Island, Florida (which is even farther south than Key West. Can I just say, it was the best idea ever! She gave us prizes like small bottles of nail polish (that we would use when we got to our destination), coloring books with colored pencils, snacks, and gag gifts that she found at the dollar store.

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