This Special Ice Cream Starts Out Cute, But Once It Melts, It’s Terrifying

You scream, I scream we all scream for ice-cream! After eating this Japanese ice-cream named ‘panapp’ that looks cute and smiley, you might just end up actually screaming. The innocent smiley faced dessert starts to melt and it is quite a shock!  

Once the melting process starts this sweet treat becomes so scary!

(Image : lostateminor)

This is not a treat for kids as they will be having nightmares! (I think I’ll be having nightmares too!)

(Image : lostateminor)

This reminds me of the movie “Scream.”

(Image : lostateminor)

I think I will skip dessert for a while…

(Image : lostateminor)

How can something be so cute yet so terrifying? 

(Image : lostateminor)

I love my ice-cream and I’m sure if I lived in Japan I would eat this with my eyes covered, just to avoid getting scared! Share this NOW and creep out your ice-cream lovers. LOL

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